Honda CBR 600cc
In very good working condition, nothing to fix.
Location: Lagos Nigeria.
Please whatsapp 07083892305 or mail for details about inspection.


Hi Everyone,

In the earlier post I emphasized on the need to have an affiliate marketer hold your hands through the process and spoon feed you with details.

While you search out someone to undertake this function follow me as I share what I learned in my journey through.

You need to buy a domain and have your web hosted. 

In simple words, web hosting is done to give you international exposure. You will be required to choose a simple domain name e.g search if available and pay for it using your MasterCard or other online payment options.

The domain I got was from
After buying a domain it will propagate for 24-48 hours at the stage you will need the services of a web designer to customize your site for Affiliate marketing.

While your designer customizes your webpage, keep getting multiple information on your end in preparation.

See you in the next one


Hello friends,

I am introducing a business niche in my blog as this appears a passion I am not willing to suppress. Let's get straight into it : Affiliate Marketing in simple terms.
While searching out resources to Aid with understanding the concept of Affiliate Marketing I found myself tossed around technical jargon that boxed me into asking more questions than necessary. I will avoid playing with words in this article and sound as elementary as possible.
In my search for online business to get started with I made friends with numerous virtual lecturers I found but they only discouraged me with eBooks that pointed at unobjectionable steps. In the end I met with a mentor who poured into me sincere and simplified steps which formed the bedrock of what I practise so far.


An Affiliate or Associate is simply someone who undertakes in promoting other people's product (usually online) and by extension earns commission. Simple and short.
By being an Affi…


How do you feel when cars worth millions of dollars drive past you ? Have you ever been privileged to ride in cars worth millions of dollars ? Do you own a car expensive enough to buy a mansion in a choice location in the city ? How does the name Bugatti, Range Rover Velar, Ferari, Rolls Royles, Mercedez Benz G-wagon sound to you ?
Whatever you drive can be made a luxury if you bring into it your ideas about comfort.
Avoid losing your sleep by comparing what you drive with someone else. Well don't be weary of my questions I also just love to have a feel of owning one of these machines in my YouTube video below

While I look forward to getting one of these, I will ride my ride in style and comfort.


Heard loads of people say listening to music while riding or driving can be so much of a distraction.
While that is true it is important to relax with music before and after a journey.
I find this music by Airboy ft Burna Boy very entertaining, you may want to check it out on my YouTube channel. Cheers


Have you ever been bored and needed to hang around people with positive vibrations so much so that you get a feel of their energy and  consequently get better ?
 One sure way to enjoy an unforgettable moment with people is to attend a Super bike event. In my opinion it is about the most lively gathering one can ever be.

Bikers all over the world have a brotherly bond that translates into unspeakable joy when they meet or ride together. Non bikers get this feel whenever they interract or come in contact with a group of bikers.

Recently a Super bike riding group came together in Victoria Island Lagos to celebrate and have fun and it was such a delight to motorists and every other observer around the vicinity. Ensure to watch the video above.

When bikers gather the joy among them knows no bound, it is about the greatest event ever. They make music and melody using their loud pipes.

While you consider going for shopping, swimming or any other hobby you find as a succour to getting you ou…


Got this video from a friend showing how easily pedestrians see cars but hardly see motorbikes when using the road.

Recently I got a bad news from a friend who said her father was caught in a motorcycle accident because he did not see a bike coming towards him.

Please watch out for bikes and be safe out there on the streets.

As a bike ensure you watch out for road users on foot and always we safe out there on the streets and highway.